About Us

Basic Living


Living simple life, eating what we grow and raise, making our food from scratch and knowing what is on our plate, that is the way we chose our living. We want to share these experiences . This website is to share with you our progress, our struggles ,failures and our achievements.

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Building Dreams


We are a simple family of two (plus bunch of animals) living our dream, owning small peace of land and working on our homestead. Took us 3 years to find a property that we like, 300 miles later we finally came a cross a promising peace of land nestled down in a little "holler"  that we could call our dream. Our dream comes with tons of work but we set a goal to accomplish that dream and make the very best of it.

It's a Wonderful Life


Give us a hello if you have any questions, let us know if you want to participate in homesteading classes that I will be setting up soon. I would like to know what basics you would like to learn. I will be teaching how to make homemade bread, butter, dairy product etc ... and make that right in your own kitchen. Basic cooking classes so you can make simple, delish meal and not worry what is in your food and not wasting anything... make yummy food from leftovers … follow my blog to read about our life stories, thoughts and farm living.